Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Unique jewellery by HippieKingdom

Devi Chand of HippieKingdom is an artisan from India who loves to make things... and she makes awesome eco friendly jewellery :

An Eco Friendly hemp bangle bracelet made from thick hemp (jute) cord with intricate braided colorful silk thread pattern, wound on sturdy upcycled cardboard.

 A statement necklace with a spiral pendant made from thick hemp cord with intricate braided silk thread pattern. The pendant hangs from strings of wooden beads and has a sterling silver hook for closure. 

 An Eco Friendly Bangle made completely out of recycled materials - Glossy newspaper strips neatly wrapped on thick cardboard ring. 

An innovative Eco friendly piece of jewelry. The ring is made of a roller paper bead that I lovingly handcrafted from glossy newspaper sheets. The paper beads are made by rolling thick folded newspaper strips. The ring base is custom made from strong recycled card board.

You can buy HippieKingdom jewelry here on etsy, payments are processed through PayPal, & you can pay with your credit or debit card online!
♥ Have a great week everybody...

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