Wednesday, November 30, 2011

how to.. make your own pretty Christmas tree decorations... or everyday wall decorations!

♥ get creative, & make your own Christmas tree decorations this year!

You will need :
Modelling clay, (You can buy this at most Arts & crafts stores, costs about R50.00 for a brick of it.)
Gloves to protect your hands
Cookie cutters (hearts/ stars/ circles)
A knife
Glossy newspaper / magazine paper to work (the clay sticks to most surfaces)
Lace or textured material 
Clear glossy spray paint
A tea bag, some hot water & a mug
A thin, round object to punch a hole through your decoration

Notes :
I used JOVI Modelling clay, and I used a old material coaster to emboss my clay. (You can use anything that has texture to it)
I didnt like the white string, so I dyed it using Five roses tea.
Leave your clay decorations out in the sun for a day or two, depending on how thick you have made them. The clay is air drying.
I sprayed my dried decoations with Spectra spray, clear gloss to seal them & give them a slight sheen. (avaiable at most hardware stores, about R30 a can.)

Enjoy.. & have fun ♥

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