Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New charm bracelet

Have it plain - with just names on your silver round charms,
Or add some birthstones or your favorite gemstones.


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Picnic crasher

This past weekend was off to a very drammatic start! I had a number of rush orders and a large corporate order that needed to be finished ASAP - an awkward trip in my studio resulted in me bumping a long thin piece of rolled silver into my bench torch gas pipes - bursting them. 

My wonderful and very nifty husband to the rescue, and a day later I was operational again -- *phew!*

In an effort to relax and enjoy the weekend after a lot of hard work and frustrating time trying to fix my torch, we decided to have a picnic in a nearby nature reserve, -- and this little bugger decided to join us!

He clearly loves carrots!