Thursday, September 29, 2011

Unique art by Tara Ashington

Let me introduce you to Tara Ashington,
The very talented artist who creates this unique and original art...  :

Tara does these gorgeous watercolor paintings, you can send her a photo via email
♥ ♥ , of yourself, or anyone and she will do a cartoon like watercolor painting. Pricing ranges from R50 / $7.50 & upwards.

Monday, September 26, 2011

decor inspiration

I thought I'd share some of these pretty pictures with you.

Its all about decor... and ideas ♥...

I personally love the white,.. vintage-modern styling (can you believe that description.. vintage-modern) but.. mixing something vintage into a modern room if you know what I mean ;)  Or vice-versa.  They just compliment eachother so well.

Image credits

Sunday, September 25, 2011

London fashion week 2011

I was browsing through a bunch of pictures.. and articles about London fashion week, seeing it ended recently, and I just had to share Kristen Stewart's gorgeous dress with you.

I absolutely love everything about what she is wearing, and how she looks from head to toe.

She wore this amazing dress (by Mulberry) to the Mulberry 2012 Spring/Summer collection, she attended the show with Kate Moss and good friend,  Romola Garai.

I just love her hair like this also, so drammatic. She looks stunning.

Other beautifully dressed attendee's were, Gemma Arterton (English Actress) seen here at the Burberry show.

and... the very beautiful model, and actress - Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, pictured here also at Burberry show.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

This week's pictures of inspiration

Image credits
From left to right.

Custom order

I finished this custom necklace yesterday, for a client who found me through etsy.
She lives in the same city I do, so we met up, and I did some designs for her.

This is the finished product,
I used stones from an exisiting pendant she had, but does not wear anymore.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Hogsback weekend

This past weekend, my boyfriend took me to Hogsback, a village in the Amatola Mountain, Eastern Cape - South Africa.

We'd never been there before, and were keen to have a relaxed weekend in the mountains.

I was suprised at how small Hogsback is, but at the same time, that is a big part of its charm, and I think why the few people who live there have chosen Hogsback as their home.


We stayed at The Edge, and as soon as we checked in, we went to explore the property.

We came accross a Labyrinth (I should have taken a picture of this) and went closer.. to the edge.. literally, the edge of the mountain. We herded a few cows out the way, and proceeded towards a lovely bench about 2 or 3 metres from the cliff face, (The Egde ;)

The view was really stunning, and I couldnt believe how high we actually were.


We decided to do some exploring, and decided to pop into the Fairy Realm on the main road.
I was so happy to hear that they make home made Belgian chocolate there.. and popped into their kitchen to choose what kinds of chocolate I wanted.

The chocolate dipped strawberries were also great, but the chocolate blocks were really divine.
I was especially impressed with the dark chocolate ♥

After leaving the main road..
We drove around the dirt roads, up into the mountain,
we came accross a Potter, ... a kind of out in the woods store, which sells ceramics, art jewelry etc, and a newly built church.


It was very relaxing.. and I really enjoyed the fresh air.

On Saturday, we had lunch and supper at The Edge restaurant... the food was amazing.. and the resident kitty (Tigger) was great company.

On the way home.. we spent some time exploring Fort Beaufort, and Grahamstown..

Our cute cottage, at The Edge

The Potter

Stream near to the 39 stepds waterfall

Home made chocoate at The Fairy Realm

Beautiful 39 Steps waterfall

An old house in Fort Beaufort. (Just love the porch.. makes me want to own an old house one day)

(1839) Martello Tower at Fort Beaufort, According to Wikipedia, "probably the world's only inland Martello Tower."

At the 1820 Settlers National Monument Museum just before Grahamstown.

I took these photo's of birchwood tree's outside our cottage

Here's to a new week.. hope it will be a good one for you ♥


Thursday, September 8, 2011

distressed chic ♥

I have a new found love.. for that vintage look furniture & art, whether it be distressed, or actual vintage pieces - love them all.

Here are a few of my absolute favorites..


This stunner by The Letter Lady (Port Elizabeth) comes in any colour,  and it can be distressed or painted in a solid colour.

All the handles are from the 1960's. ♥ How gorgeous.
See more information about this piece, here

About.. R250 (depending on current exchange rate)

 I just love the distressed effect on these hearts.. and how lovely to use them as wall art.
This gorgeous piece is handmade start to finish by OldNewAgain.. using up-cycled wood. 
Visit their etsy store here

Unique & fabulous personalized Wood art by ForgetMeKnot, based in Cape Town.
Visit their shop here on From the heart emporium - attached your jpeg image on the site... and order your one of a kind artwork.
Having one of these.. will bring new meaning to sentimental. ♥

About.. R9900.00 depending on the current exchange rate.

 I just love the color of this piece, and the legs are so cute aswell.
Visit Ruby Rhino's online store here for more delightful pieces.

** Its going to be Friday soon... everybody have a lovely weekend, im off to Hogsback with the Boyf.. will most definitly post some pics & info on our little travel ♥ ...when I get back **

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interview with Noleen Read .. A very talented ceramic artist.

♥ psssst... thula blog's first interview♥

I recently discovered ( & am soon to be a part of ) : From The Heart Emporium :  an online store selling fabulous handmade products made in South Africa.. by South Africans.

It was through browsing this awesome site that I came accross Noleen Read's pottery, and ceramic work ♥

Q  & A with Noleen Read :

What are you most likely to get up to on a Saturday?

Now I am working on Saturdays at the Hout Bay Market, (about 2 months) but before, I might work a bit, probably go up the mountain (skeleton gorge usually) catch up with a friend and just potter around at home.

What is your ulimate travel destination, and why?

Antarctica. The endless space, white, alien. No people.

How long have you been making pottery?

Since about 2001 – I studied a bit in the UK, Wales. At the Forest of Dean College.

Where do you get inspiration from for your work, and for the writing displayed on your ceramic work?

Inspiration comes from my surroundings mainly. My work is more or less my life in pictures, I look and see what is around me literally and use this. I live by the sea which is hugely beneficial. The writing was originally used as a source of release for me when I got back from travelling. Putting it on the pots was a natural development - it took about 9 months or so to get the idea working. I am naturally analytical and philosophical in the way I think – the writings are just some of the things I think about. It’s a form of mental entertainment for me!

Describe your ceramic work in 3 words.

Creative, functional, feminine.

Where can one purchase your work?

My outlets are all on my website : Noleen Read  : Potter
Also from my workshop though, and Bay Harbour market now, in Hout Bay.

What is the best part of being a potter, or ceramic artist?

I like the variety within the job. It’s constantly challenging and has no end – you can always get better, and change. It’s a humbling profession, if you want it to be.
In terms of the actual work, for me it’s the throwing right now.
If the inspiration is around, it’s exciting trying new things.

I absolutely love Noleen's work, and would like to say thank-you to her for the awesome interview !
Dont forget to tweet or facebook link this post. ♥

*Have a gorgeous day*

Sunday, September 4, 2011

This week's pictures of inspiration ♥

Custom Orders

Have you, or would you like to design a piece of jewelry?

Forward me your drawing, or design, whether it be just a silver piece, or if it includes stones & I can make it for you.

Alternatively, let me design something special for you.
Here are a  few custom orders I have done in the past while,

Smokey Quartz ring in split schank band. Customers own stone.

A client who found me through my blog recently ordered this pair of cufflinks for her fiance, she forwarded me a picture of fish eagle cufflinks, and I created them for her. ♥

Flower pendant

Sapphire pendant
Stone charm, and tag custom necklace. Customer wanted London blue topaz stones, and the tags are hand stamped with her children's names.

Breast Cancer bracelet with Pink tourmaline

Initial Cufflinks

Narwhal pendant necklace

Butterfly necklaces with pink tourmalines for bridesmaids - custom order.

Charm bracelet filled with clients memmories hand stamped onto brass, copper & silver tags.

Name Necklace, customer chose this font/ text style & made her this necklace.
Lapis Lazuli Pendant, with peridot & moonstones. Leaf design.
Client ordered one of my Customizeable charm necklaces, but especially wanted an opal stone.

Custom cufflinks.

Turquoise ring
Mens wedding band. Two grooves, with textured finish in the middle. Cursive engraving on the inside.

Lightening bolt pendant

Amethyst pendant necklace

Moonstone ring

I began playing around with perspex, and putting designs or prints behind clear perspex, my brothers Wife commissioned this piece.

Letter pendant.

Butterfly ring

Bangle, client wanted her daughters name & birthdate engraved on the bangle.

Blue topaz earrings.

Oval Iolite ring, split schank band

A customer saw my charm bracelet on my online store, & loved the idea, but wanted a necklace made, with her children's birthstones.

Email me :
Or visit my online store : here (Rand prices are available on this blog.)

♥ handmade