Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interview with Noleen Read .. A very talented ceramic artist.

♥ psssst... thula blog's first interview♥

I recently discovered ( & am soon to be a part of ) : From The Heart Emporium :  an online store selling fabulous handmade products made in South Africa.. by South Africans.

It was through browsing this awesome site that I came accross Noleen Read's pottery, and ceramic work ♥

Q  & A with Noleen Read :

What are you most likely to get up to on a Saturday?

Now I am working on Saturdays at the Hout Bay Market, (about 2 months) but before, I might work a bit, probably go up the mountain (skeleton gorge usually) catch up with a friend and just potter around at home.

What is your ulimate travel destination, and why?

Antarctica. The endless space, white, alien. No people.

How long have you been making pottery?

Since about 2001 – I studied a bit in the UK, Wales. At the Forest of Dean College.

Where do you get inspiration from for your work, and for the writing displayed on your ceramic work?

Inspiration comes from my surroundings mainly. My work is more or less my life in pictures, I look and see what is around me literally and use this. I live by the sea which is hugely beneficial. The writing was originally used as a source of release for me when I got back from travelling. Putting it on the pots was a natural development - it took about 9 months or so to get the idea working. I am naturally analytical and philosophical in the way I think – the writings are just some of the things I think about. It’s a form of mental entertainment for me!

Describe your ceramic work in 3 words.

Creative, functional, feminine.

Where can one purchase your work?

My outlets are all on my website : Noleen Read  : Potter
Also from my workshop though, and Bay Harbour market now, in Hout Bay.

What is the best part of being a potter, or ceramic artist?

I like the variety within the job. It’s constantly challenging and has no end – you can always get better, and change. It’s a humbling profession, if you want it to be.
In terms of the actual work, for me it’s the throwing right now.
If the inspiration is around, it’s exciting trying new things.

I absolutely love Noleen's work, and would like to say thank-you to her for the awesome interview !
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*Have a gorgeous day*

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