Monday, September 12, 2011

Hogsback weekend

This past weekend, my boyfriend took me to Hogsback, a village in the Amatola Mountain, Eastern Cape - South Africa.

We'd never been there before, and were keen to have a relaxed weekend in the mountains.

I was suprised at how small Hogsback is, but at the same time, that is a big part of its charm, and I think why the few people who live there have chosen Hogsback as their home.


We stayed at The Edge, and as soon as we checked in, we went to explore the property.

We came accross a Labyrinth (I should have taken a picture of this) and went closer.. to the edge.. literally, the edge of the mountain. We herded a few cows out the way, and proceeded towards a lovely bench about 2 or 3 metres from the cliff face, (The Egde ;)

The view was really stunning, and I couldnt believe how high we actually were.


We decided to do some exploring, and decided to pop into the Fairy Realm on the main road.
I was so happy to hear that they make home made Belgian chocolate there.. and popped into their kitchen to choose what kinds of chocolate I wanted.

The chocolate dipped strawberries were also great, but the chocolate blocks were really divine.
I was especially impressed with the dark chocolate ♥

After leaving the main road..
We drove around the dirt roads, up into the mountain,
we came accross a Potter, ... a kind of out in the woods store, which sells ceramics, art jewelry etc, and a newly built church.


It was very relaxing.. and I really enjoyed the fresh air.

On Saturday, we had lunch and supper at The Edge restaurant... the food was amazing.. and the resident kitty (Tigger) was great company.

On the way home.. we spent some time exploring Fort Beaufort, and Grahamstown..

Our cute cottage, at The Edge

The Potter

Stream near to the 39 stepds waterfall

Home made chocoate at The Fairy Realm

Beautiful 39 Steps waterfall

An old house in Fort Beaufort. (Just love the porch.. makes me want to own an old house one day)

(1839) Martello Tower at Fort Beaufort, According to Wikipedia, "probably the world's only inland Martello Tower."

At the 1820 Settlers National Monument Museum just before Grahamstown.

I took these photo's of birchwood tree's outside our cottage

Here's to a new week.. hope it will be a good one for you ♥


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