Thursday, November 17, 2011

i bet they dont have this at the mall....

Try doing your Christmas shopping online this year, you just might surprise yourself,
and your loved ones too.

I have done a lot of my Christmas shopping so far this year on Etsy, - an online handmade market where sellers from all over the world sell their unique handmade products.
Here’s how.

Go to (by clicking here)

Register –  quick, simply & easy.

Browsing.. you can search locally.. for etsy stores in SA, or worldwide.

Has something caught your eye?

To buy something on Etsy, one does not need a PayPal account, you can pay through paypal though. PayPal is the most trusted, secure & fast payment gateway there is.

When you follow through with checkout on etsy, click on “ Don’t have a paypal account?”

You will need to enter your card details, aswell as your address etc – remember to use the same information your bank has as this is how PayPal verifies it is you who is using your card. It is THAT easy.

When you go into checkout on paypal, it will let you know just how much exactly you are spending in Rands. As etsy items are listed in dollars, while you are browsing work on roughly R7.80 =  $1.

Got some time on your hands? Why not make a treasury ( a collection of items you love on etsy ) Its fun, I promise. If it gets noticed, it might even be featured on the front page of Etsy.

Clickable : ♥

Here are some fabulous South African etsy stores to check out too :

Happy shopping ♥

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